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As a young child, I was greatly influenced by my mother's artistic abilities. I began to develop my own "artists' eye" and how I viewed the world around me. 


During the 1970's and 1980's, I developed my skills and techniques in sheet metal fabrication.  I began to design and build custom cars for clients, and concept cars for CAR CRAFT Magazine.  These automobiles included hand worked body panels and spoilers. I then designed and executed unique paint schemes for these cars.

During this time, I also worked as an electrical engineer and honed my technical drafting skills in the AUTOCAD computer design programs.

In 1987, with my wife Sabrina, we built our first home on a one-acre parcel once belonging to my grandparents. We designed and planted our own botanical garden. 

My great appreciation for plants and all things of nature inspired me to start a landscape design business in 1990. Our home garden and our clients gardens began to receive regional and national recognition in yearly magazine features, in books and on HGTV gardening shows.  In 1995, Sabrina joined me fulltime in our family business at PROSCAPE LANDSCAPE DESIGN. 

Having a successful design business, has  given me opportunities to develop artistic skills in other mediums.  Gardens have become platforms for sculptures, ornate gazebos, greenhouses and pavilions to grand birdhouses and unique outdoor furniture.  Many of these items include reclaimed materials in their construction.

In year 2000, I began designing and crafting new artworks in wood.  These decorative art pieces are presented as house interior mirrors, boxes, tables and wall adornments.  My wood works have been featured in museums, art galleries and in several book and magazine publications.

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